Alexander McQueen


This was a pretty early show of McQueen’s from 1995, a long time before he got the Givenchy contract. He was basically doing what he wanted and having fun, something which I think is clear in this video (and also something that I would recommend as a lifestyle).

I was lucky enough to have known Lee and actually worked with him a few times.  I filmed and edited this show and still think it is brilliant.  It was like being in a wind tunnel.
In a strange way, I think McQueen was the nearest thing to the Sex Pistols of his generation.

Editing-wise, the challenge here was to get every outfit from show of about 20 minutes into a few minutes whilst retaining the raw energy and feel of what it was like to be there.  Every single cut here is exactly the same length (I forget how long exactly) and along with the jump-cutting, the effect is quite hypnotic.

I never tire of watching this video.
RIP Lee (Alexander) McQueen.

PS If you don’t have a sense of humour, perhaps you don’t want to watch this.