Comparing Final Cut Pro On Mac Pro

I am a huge advocate of Final Cut Pro X on my shiny new Mac Pro but I get paid for informed advice not evangelism, so when one of my major clients asked me for reasons to upgrade, I realised I had nothing really solid to show them.  So we made a detailed study of two systems; Final Cut Pro 7 on a Mac Pro tower and Final Cut Pro X on a new Mac Pro.

When we finished all the tests, I realised I had a lot of data that hadn’t ever been seen or presented in this way.  So I have produced an eBook documenting my findings, with loads of charts and real-time side-by-side comparison films showing the same processes in Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro 7 – you might be surprised by some of the results.


A couple of extracts of the book are below and the whole book is free to download here.
It is called Comparing Final Cut Pro on Mac Pro and it does what it says on the tin.


Screenshot 2015-04-14 00.44.30Screenshot 2015-04-13 23.56.05