The Long Good Friday

Part one of my Cool Cuts series.

The Long Good Friday. One of my fave films growing up. And still now. I used to have this on Betamax. Must have watched some scenes at least 20 times with my mates and rewound others much more than that. We used to come home from school and put it on and we’d all know the script off pat. Worth watching for Helen Mirren alone let alone Bob Hoskins.

It’s got so many classic lines in it including “The Mafia… Of Shitham!” which comes just before this amazing final scene.

The editing of this scene is perfect for me. It holds for so long on Harold’s face as he goes through the classic Freudian stages of Shock, Denial, Anger and Acceptance, realising that that his empire just disintegrated and that he is on his way to be kneecapped at the very least (by a very young Pierce Brosnan).

The music is perfect too. Spinechillingly so. Hints of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells from the Exorcist but possibly even better than that.

The writer, Barrie Keefe took 30 years to have another script made into a film.