Editing is the backbone of Slack Alice Films. It is where we started and continue to excel.

Post-production has changed at least twice since we have been in the industry and the competition is now much stronger for every editing job however we are still busy.  Everyone can press the buttons but we like to think we do a bit more than that.

Alex says:

“Editing skill perhaps can only be taught to a certain degree.  It is either in your blood or not – kind of like painting.  I love editing and it is certainly in my blood.

“My speciality is music, from assisting on a host of music promos in 1990’s Soho to working with Julien Temple on full length concerts with The Sex Pistols and The Scissor Sisters.

“FCP has been very good to me. After making a very early move to it in 2002, I edited and graded full-length concert film We Are The Scissor Sisters, helmed by legendary director Julien Temple. The concert won awards and led Temple back to me to cut seminal Sex Pistols film There Will Always Be An England.

“From there, I cut award-winning feature doc Tantric Tourists and continue to edit both for standalone clients and as part of the larger production process.”