“Alex edits with a level of passion and skill I have rarely seen in this industry.”

Julien Temple

After work as a kitchen runner and edit-assistant,  Alex Snelling quickly became one of the youngest video editors in Soho and has edited just about every TV format going with music and factual a speciality.

In 2002, Alex was an early adopter of FCP, going on to edit two full-length concert films with Julien Temple, (Sex Pistols, Scissor Sisters) and award-winning feature doc Tantric Tourists all on FCP as well as supervising the entire FCP-led workflow at the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Alex continues to edit on a freelance basis for a wealth of clients, with regular sessions for the BBC, most recently an episode of the Beeb’s longest running series Horizon.

Technically, Alex is highly proficient but as an editor it is always the story that takes priority and it is this passion for structure and form that sets Alex aside from being a button pusher. He edits on Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro and Avid.

Below is a selection of work.