“Alex edits with a passion and skill I have rarely seen in this industry.”
Julien Temple

I have edited all my career. I started as a runner and quickly moved up to train as a broadcast editor (in the days when companies trained people up.)

I’ve cut my teeth as an MTV editor and moved on to commercials and TV as well as promo-producing. In 2002, I adopted FCP and that became a big part of my journey, highlights being long stints in Japan and at the BBC, two full-length films with Julien Temple, (Sex Pistols, Scissor Sisters), an award-winning feature doc,┬ásupervising the FCP workflow at the FIFA 2010 World Cup and training FCP around the world for Apple. I have taught literally hundreds of classes in London with Soho Editors and other schools and colleges.

I continue to edit for a wealth of clients, with regular sessions for the BBC, most recently on ┬áthe Horizon Guide to AI, (see below) as well as nearly a year’s contract at VICE subsidiary, Change Incorporated.

Main skills are Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro X.
Editing, graphics, subtitling, captioning, long, short, just editing.