“Alex edits with a passion and skill I have rarely seen in this industry.”
Julien Temple

Editing is my lifeblood and in my view, the third of the essential storytelling  skills (script, camera, edit).

I have edited all my career, starting as a runner and then being fast tracked to train as a broadcast editor (in the days when companies trained people.)

I’ve cut my teeth as an MTV editor and moved on to commercials and TV editing, highlights being long stints in Japan and Berlin.

In 2002, I adopted FCP and that became a big part of my journey: helping introduce it to the BBC; editing two feature-length films with Julien Temple, (Sex Pistols, Scissor Sisters), an award-winning feature doc, eventually supervising the FCP workflow at the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

I currently edit for a wealth of clients, with regular sessions for the BBC, most recently on  the Horizon Guide to AI, (see below) as well as nearly a year at VICE subsidiary, Change Incorporated.

Main skills are Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro X.
Editing, graphics, long, short, music, docs, events, corporate. Just editing.