“Alex edits with skill and a passion I have rarely seen in the industry.”
Julien Temple (Director – Absolute Beginners, London The Modern Babylon)

Editing is where Alex started and continues to excel.

After work as a kitchen runner, Alex started edit-assisting on music promos in 1990’s Soho and was soon approached to join seminal music channel, The PowerStation working alongside a plethora of household names such as Boy George and Chris Evans.

Since setting up Slack Alice Films in tandem with the desktop video revolution, we have edited full-length concert films with Julien Temple, The Sex Pistols, The Scissor Sisters and award-winning feature doc Tantric Tourists.  In 2010, Alex supervised the entire FCP-led workflow at the FIFA World Cup and continues to edit and consult at the highest levels including regular sessions for the BBC, most recently an episode of the Beeb’s longest running series Horizon.

We continue to work with cutting edge technology whether it be 4K & beyond, HDR, 360VR and drones, as well as maintaining  a healthy eye on the changing needs of video brought about by the social media revolution.