These concerts which I edited and post-produced using my own bespoke-built edit suite, marked the 30th anniversary of the album Never Mind The Bollocks. It was a labour of love mixing together four separate nights and rehearsals to make it look like one great whole.

Working with true legends can be difficult when it comes to achieving objectivity. It was very weird working with household names I had grown up with and experiencing their own emotions on having become, how shall we say, not quite as young as they once were.

Also tricky was creating an atmosphere in the Brixton Academy as quite recently smoking had been banned in all venues and so we got that very clean image from the HD cameras which would normally have been “textured up” by the smoky atmosphere and everyone knows a punk gig without cigarettes is like a wedding without a fight.

The other thing we had to deal with was that the audience were not as fit as they once had been, so making it appear as though they were pogoeing all the way through the concert was also one of my jobs.

Still all-in-all, an incredibly uplifting experience to complete an entire concert with so many challenges and with your boyhood heroes.

The trailer for the concert, which I produced and edited can be seen here: